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investors, and help restructure the economy. the defense budget has seen double digit growth almost every year since 1989, and that will continue. this year's defense spending will increase by more than 12% to about $130 billion. li said the government will do more to address concerns about pollution, and the wealth gap. >> translator: air, water and soil pollution is severe in some places. and the task of conserving energy and reducing emissions remains arduous. >> reporter: and he promised the government will severely punish public servants and others involved in corruption. after the session we asked some delegates about li's report. >> translator: i think the campaign against corruption should be more tightened up. it's also set out in report. only in doing so the government could do its own duty. >> this i think is a basement, there will be some problem. so we need to do things step by step. >> let's now talk more about the government work report. nhk world kyoko fujita spent the day going through it. let's start by talking about the 7.5% economic growth target. what's behind the dec
the world's second-largest economy with steady growth and a 12% increase in spending. -- in defense spending. also coming up for you this hour on "france 24," just 100 days to go until the football world cup in brazil. but things there are far behind schedule. we will take a closer look to see just if it will all be ready on time. and karl lagerfeld gives his latest show a very commercial twist just returning paris' cash crunch into l.a. into a giant chanel market. latest on the ukraine -- the head of the european union executive arm says that the ee was ready to provide ukraine with $11 million -- 11 billion euros in aid, made up of loans and grants in the coming years. it comes as there has been a flurry of diplomatic maneuvering on ukraine throughout europe today. the russian foreign minister was in spain first this morning for talks. speaking in madrid, he repeated russia's assertion that armed men deployed in the eastern ukrainian region of crimea are not russian forces. >> we believe that the problem in ukraine comes from the international community's lack of reaction. it failed to fin
for watching. >> these men have just received a call and need to move out fast. they're part of the self-defense force in western ukraine. for now, they're the authority here. having driven out politicians and police loyal to the former got. i'll be riding along on their atrol. he is clearly on edge as we race through the city at 100 kilometers an hour. he's barely slepped in days and pushed himself to his limit. he tells me about the callout. he says the casino was attacked. they will be making sure no one gets hurt and nothing is plundrd. but they're too late. the perpetrators are long gone. whether criminals or residents venting anger, he can't say. he secures the building and places it under guard. he is a lawyer by profession, not a policeman. but these are extraordinary times. he says the self-defense force is needed until the situation is stabilized and the police can resume control. but that can only happen after the police ranks have been scrutinized and sanitized. police headquarters, this is where the opposition militia has set up their command center. from here, coordinating operatio
. they are willing to switch sides. ukraine cost millions -- ministry of defense has denied those reports. they might follow the example of the navy commander. >> you are at the scene of the standoff. what can you tell us about what you saw? situation can be described as a war of nerves. it is between russian soldiers and the ukrainian forces. the russians have brought dozens of military vehicles. there at the ukrainian army base. they are there to stay. on the other side, isaiah ukrainian soldiers and many of them were very young and ill-equipped. they were not very experienced. they were standing behind gates and looking at the russian troops. my impression is that ukrainian soldiers were scared. they were frightened. >> thank you for joining us. thank you for that report. pressure is mounting from the west. john kerry called the russian military an incredible act of aggression. he warned moscow that they could lose their membership in the group of eight nations. they may have economics options -- sanctions. there was a crisis meeting in brussels. -- heto chief warned that urged russia to stop its
to reinforce their defenses. many here would like to see authorities doing more to help. >> we are up to 200 ft. huns of sand that the local community has sourced themselves from donations. all the volunteers here have bagged and delivered by ourselves. we must be in the region of 7000, 8000 sandbags that we have filled ourselves and delivered. >> he has been coordinating forest defense efforts for weeks . he is backed up by volunteers from the immediate vicinity and from further afield. willing helpers have come from aid organizations in london and birmingham. >> we are countrymen, and as countrymen, we must stand shoulder to shoulder, and i'm proud to say that's exactly what has happened here. >> we work very closely and have built up a good friendship. i will be sad to see him go. >> very sad times. >> even when the volunteers have gone, the people of somerset will continue their efforts. they have launched an initiative collecting money for river dredging. they want to raise almost 5 million euros in the hope that this flood will be their last. >> it was only 20 years ago that war was wagin
a source at ukraine's defense ministry. he said the commander of the black sea fleet issued an ultimatum to surrender. an official from the russian navy denied the report. oleksandr turchinov warned people in crimea not to react to provocations. >>> the united states is hoping diplomacy and the threat of sanctions will help settle the crisis in crimea. u.s. president barack obama has referred to statements by nato and the group of seven industrialized country that strongly condemn russia. he says he'll continue diplomatic efforts but also suggested other options. >> if, in fact, they continue on the current trajectory that they're on, that we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will ice late russia. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry and assistant secretary of state victoria nuland, will both visit the ukrainian capital of kiev on tuesday. the u.s. defense department says it is suspending military exchange programs with russia. such contacts are aimed at reducing the chance of an emergency resulting from a misunderstanding. the announcement came as russia
are in the top 10. new york claimed the vote defensive title for north america, but fell to 26 overall. paris charges the highest average price for a liberal natural -- liter of petrol. the french capital is beholden to the cheapest bottles of wine. benjamin netanyahu is readying his speech to the biggest row israel lobby in washington. president told u.s. barack obama he will never compromise on israel posse purity. israel's security. the u.s. president hiked up the pressure, saying it would be harder to protect israel if these efforts with the palestinian's failed. meeting face-to-face coming yards and to make the decisions needed to salvage the peace process. >> some decisions are going to have to be made, but i know that the prime minister will make those decisions based on his estimate of israel's security. >> he said it was for the palestinians to deliver. >> they have uprooted entire settlements. released hundreds of terrorist prisoners, including dozens of -- israel has been doing its part. the palestinians have not. >> new settlement building and the west bank doubled last year, and
has been widely speculated to run for the presidency. he must vacate the position of defense minister in order to run. this week an army backed government made the surprise announcement that it resigned en masse. staying in egypt, a court sentenced 26 people to death this thursday. according to judicial sources they were conveyed it of plotting attacks on ships passing through the suez canal. reports say the defendants were try out -- tried in apps and shia. violence is been on the increase in egypt over the recent years, in particular an islamic -- hasncy has grown up swelled up. expelled three venezuelan this look -- did lament in response to similar action against u.s.-backed and. venezuela's president nicolas maduro expelled three american diplomats february 17 singing it was supporting opposition plots to overthrow him. the development comes after the venezuelan government gets ready to host an international peace conference to address antigovernment unrest. >> a press conference -- and heay, with capriles said he did not want to turn up, did not want to show his face to nicolas
they have [indiscernible] we didn't learn as much as we would have liked about the defense. i'm hoping we will find out a lot more tomorrow night. we will try to get on the front foot and push them back and see how they can defend. we know they have cracks on the counterattack. it is as simple as that. there were no points into the last five minutes of the game. then we decide we are now going to come out and play. we are going to play from the start. >> there will be no farewell appearance before he moves clubs. he has a hamstring injury. kyle walker could return from injury. french international midfielder will remain at paris saint jermaine -- at paris st. germain. he is part of their plans for the future. tennis now. novak djokovic, the defending champion, as cruised into the open,rfinals of the dubai playing his first competitive event since being knocked out of the australian quarterfinals by eventual champion stan wawrinka. next up, russianñgg99Ññwçça7gc
you tell us what is happening in washington now? >> the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, had a conversation with his russian counterpart today. probably the u.s. is going to condemn any violation of ukrainian serenity. there is no new reaction from president obama yet written as you just mentioned, he said yesterday that there would be costs for any military intervention. he did not say exactly what he meant by that. is he not going to the next g8 summit to russia? is he going to stop trade negotiations or talks with the kremlin? what we see right now are many meetings in the west wing of the white house and the state department. >> he warned russian aunties force. the parliament approved the use of force. what kind of leverage does president obama have in the situation? >> the former ambassador to the united nations, the former american ambassador, said just a couple of hours ago that the u.s. does not have any strong leverage in this. russia has boots on the ground. ukraine is not a member of nato. i think washington does not have any sort of leverage in moscow. but they ha
with the pentagon and with the defense producers. and through the federal reserve system, those directors and branches all around the country, the information was pouring in, showing that the economy was heating up. to martin, inflation was more than a distant threat. it was a present reality. the federal reserve board decided to fight it. in december 1965, they raised the discount rate. johnson hit the ceiling. he announced publicly he would call bill martin, the chairman of the federal reserve, down to the ranch for a tongue-lashing. but raising the discount rate didn't keep inflation from growing. it breaks my heart to go shopping. the war kept growing, too. when neither the administration nor congress applied fiscal restraints, the fed decided to go it alone again. they used an open-market operation. in january 1966, they sold government bonds to tighten up the nation's money supply. interest rates rose dramatically. soon, any business sensitive to interest rates was caught in a credit crunch. the housing industry was hardest hit. the full effect of the fed's solitary action took hold
in baltimore, eddie? >> yes. yes, the defense captain named -- he worked for the national security agency. he said at the black panther party. i was instrumental in exposing him after a lengthy investigation and he fled the country. he went to canada. he infiltrated carmichael's organization, the african revolutionary party. he was exposed of their after engaging -- up there after engaging in something with the fbi. caribbean, ie believe the bahamas, and undermined some of the political movements down there and actually cost a death or two. i'm not really sure he did not cause a couple of deaths in maryland in the black panther party. which is what is part of what caused me to start investigating him. one of our members was killed as a result of something that he encouraged him to do. , and as bob said, they're political prisoners all across the country from the black panther party that have been victims of the cointelpro operation. people.mined a lot of it painted the picture that caused people not to get fair trials. respondingeople into to the violence that it was encouraging. it caused a
. >> reporter: nato defense ministers say they support ukraine's territory and sovereignty. ukrainian lawmakers will vote on approving the new cabinet later on thursday. but the new leaders will have to face severe domestic divisions. the country's ousted president is now on an international wanted list. the whole world is paying close attention to events in the former soviet republic. chi aki ishikawa, nhk world. >>> the head of nato is warning about another hot spot, afghanistan. the country's president hamid karzai has not agreed to let u.s. troops stay in his country beyond the end of the year. anders fogh rasmussen say they may have to wait to get approval from karzai's successor. >> it may well be that president karzai won't sign, but i hope, i expect a new president to sign because a lot is at stake. >> rasmussen said if the two sides can't reach an agreement, all nato troops will withdraw. karzai is reported to have said he cannot sign a deal until peace negotiations with the taliban have begun. afghans will go to the polls in april to elect a new president. u.s. president barack obama
food bodies for the ants in return for this defense. we've come down to the side here. you can see the ants are getting agitated by me breaking the leaf. but you can see these holes in the stem. the ants come in and out of the stem. so the whole stem is hollow. the ants will continue to defend this colony from a wide range of herbivores, a wide range of insects, that will eat the leaves of the plant. narrator: the researchers explore hoso many different species all competing for the same resources can coexist. one way the trees have adapted is that they become specialists, surviving in niche condions. specialition is one hypothesis for how diversity is maintained. we're standing in the middle of a forest gap. it's the result of this huge tree here which died. it died standing. it dropped all its branches. it cleared a big opening in the understory, killed small trees, and left a big opening in the canopy. and in that ening, a rush of trees germinates and establishes. and we call those trees -- they're very fast-growing -- we call them pioneers. they pioneer the new gap. and they're
be. >> remarks come as nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels this week to discuss afghanistan. according to the latest tally from the associated press, 2174 members of u.s. military have died in afghanistan as a result of the u.s.-led invasion. a new report from doctors without borders finds one in four people in afghanistan have lost a relative or close friend of violence in the last year alone. currently make up the largest population of refugees in the world, but they are poised to be surpassed by syrians. according to the united nations, the number of syrian refugees could pass 4 million by the end of this year. voteders in france have to indefinitely extend the country's military intervention in central african republic. troops from france and the african union so far have been unable to staunch sectarian bloodshed between muslim rebels in question vigilantes. three months ago, france named its mission in central african republic after a butterfly, assuming it would have a short lifespan. in the latest violence, christian fighters reportedly killed 70 people o
obama addressing u.s. drone warfare at national defense university. >> before any strike is taken, there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured, the highest standard that we can set. yes, the conflict with al qaeda, like all armed conflict, invites tragedy, but by narrowly against thoseon who want to kill us and not the people they hide among, we are choosing the course of action least likely to result in the loss of innocent life. >> least likely to result in the loss of innocent life. shahzad akbar, can you respond? is a great orbama greater, but he has to support his argument with facts -- orator, but he has to support his argument with facts. if you look at cases that have been investigated by us and organizations like amnesty international, this is not a liberal rule of law favoring the united states. attack one you place, wait for rescuers and then you attack a second time. you do not attack people on behavior, patterns, how they are dressed, and then make guesswork on how to attack people. this all happened during president obama's tenure. >> kar
to be twofold. first, defensive from putin's point of view to prevent the sort of thing from happening again in russia. if you can create the image of chaos in ukraine -- and they do have a way of creating such images ashley need to make russians believe what is happening in you train -- ukraine is unattractive. the long-term goal is to show what european civilization means. putin and advisors and russian press amended clear -- have made a clear it is part of decadent european civilization. by decadence they meet rejection of christianity, advocacy of the right of ethnic minorities. they make this clear this is what they oppose. of course, these issues are not central to ukrainians themselves. campaigningans are campin for is the rule of law. forceswhat about moving into crimea? how significant is this? well, it is probably the worst thing that is happening europe since the yugoslav wars. it is a desperately dangerous thing to do. for one thing, it is a violation of all conceivable international law and standards. including the one which russia has -- it is a violation of the 1994 agreement
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